Hi, I am Rachael Petty – Nice to meet you.

Well wouldn’t you know…I haven’t left my dreams behind after all! Since my last “post” I  got a new job, a new vehicle, got engaged AND EVEN MARRIED?! What a year.

Yeah, it’s been over a year. I am so embarrassed to have walked away from this amazing project I started here. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about myself, my creativity, my capabilities and so much more. I cannot wait to finally kick back off and continue this awesome process! I feel like I did the night before my first day of classes back in school. I loved shopping for school supplies and getting all of my binders in order, even though I had no idea what the order was going to be. I just thoroughly enjoyed going through all my new supplies and playing with them, telling myself things would change this year and I was going to be an AWESOME student. Weeeelllllll, I never was an awesome student…but damn did my binder look cool and organized. I have to tell you nothing has really changed – I still love buying all things organizational and setting stuff up. I should have been a professional organizer…is there such a thing? Well I have gone on a tangent…you still miss me? ha! So that excitement I would get the night before classes started would be the happiest I was all year – so much mental motivation for my future, and not knowing what this year would bring, but I am damn excited. Here I am again, I just set up my make believe binder, in the form of a kickass website and I am here to slay. Nice to meet you again, I am Mrs. Rachael Griffin Petty.

I love you all, and I can’t tell you how FREAKING excited I am that you are here too! Let’s dance!


Also! The website is changing over the next two days. New theme, new navigation, it’s going to be lovely!

Stay tuned! <3


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