Illustration Friday 2/12/16


Mystery Science Theater 3000

This is so silly. Like really silly. I love it though.

The topic this past week was Mystery. The first thing that came to mind was Mystery Science Theater 3000. Do you remember that show? You should! In 2007 Time Magazine named it one of the top 100 shows of all time. The year it premiered was the year I was born, so naturally I watched it some years down the road. I remember turning the television on late at night and it would be on, pretty sure it was on Comedy Central and then the Sci-Fi Channel. My older brother watched it a lot.

The show is pretty silly and awesome. Quick plot: Some mad scientists send a janitor to space to watch a bunch of crappy movies to try and find the best one to use as a weapon in world domination. The janitor guy made some robots and they watch these terrible movies together while mocking them to keep themselves from going mad. I think that explains it alright. ha

For Illustration Friday I drew the guys from MST3K watching a film about cats who are just going about their day to day cat lives. That might drive a person (or robot) crazy, because cats pretty much sleep the day away unless they are scratching something up or eating. I just used markers for this doodle.

It’s silly, let’s laugh about it.

xoxo – Rachael


  1. Kathleen Penland | 15th Feb 16

    Have you ever watched the rifftrax that they did with new movies? They’re brilliant, comedic genius.

    • RachaelMGriffin | 15th Feb 16

      No I haven’t but I will! They are though!!

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