Today’s Inspiration and Motivation 1/7/2016

So I have a desk in my work area where the computer is and all the writing happens, then to the right there is another desk where the art happens. Covering that desk always is brown craft paper. I love it so stupid much. I just use some big clips and attach a roll of this awesome paper. It is great for doodling, keeping messes to a minimum (sort of), experimenting and just loads of other things. It helps me get my thoughts out on paper. If there is something that pops into my head that minute and there is nothing else around, I just write it on the paper with a little do-dad to help me remember to look back at it later. I now have stacks upon stacks of this brown paper covered with so many of my thoughts and ideas, some great, some not so much and I would rather those stay deep in that pile. Never the less this brown paper is amazing, and it really helps to keep my head clean in a totally cool way.

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