Well, It’s about time.

There is a time in most of our lives when we are not sure what path we are on. We think we know what we are doing and what we want, but we get a little lost. We then tend to feel sorry for ourselves and make excuses for everything. We start to get overwhelmed and maybe even depressed and then shut down. Of course, when I say WE I really mean ME and what’s going on in my brain. I’m not unstable or anything (I don’t think) I just got all the feels happening right now. I know a lot of people can relate, but you know what? We need to get over our insecurities, our excuses and whatever it is we think is holding us back and DO IT!

And just like that I’m done feeling sorry for myself. What’s the point? I’m a strong ass woman with a dream and a goal! And so are all of you!

What an introduction! No I’m not a motivational speaker, but we sometimes have to give ourselves one hell of a pep talk right?

The past few months have been pretty life changing for me. I could not stand working at my dead end job anymore, serving the masses and their “I’m better than you” attitudes. So I quit. Not all willy-nilly or anything, I had a bit of a plan…and a supportive boyfriend. I don’t really have the best excuse for quitting except the fact that I want to do what I feel like I was meant to do, what I enjoy doing and what makes me and the people around me happy.

Do you know what makes me happy? Forming the perfect pie crust and crimping the edges, browning butter so that the whole house smells like nutty heaven, painting the perfect still life. Food and art are my passion and my love. You know what can help heal a broken heart? Cookies. You know what can make my brother smile? A painting of his first love, his dog Samantha.

Food and art is something that connects with everybody and I am (finally) here to leave my mark.

Hi, I’m Rachael.



  1. Lauren Hodge | 8th Jan 16

    I love you, so much. You’re a rockstar.

  2. Kathleen Penland | 8th Jan 16

    I really love this. I love what you’re doing and I love the product. You’re an inspiration and I look forward to following this journey.

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