What’s On My Mind? Wednesday. 2/10/16

Hump hump hump it up!

Happy Wednesday. Here is a list of things I have been reading, watching, doing, wanting and all other what not’s!


  • Did you miss the #BeyonceBounce? It’s really no big deal that bored people made into a big deal, like Lady Gaga’s FLAWLESS performance of the national anthem being too long? or not long enough? Haters. and there is this…hahaa
  • So do I have to have an android for these shoes?
  • Let’s all do cool things and swing iPhones around! But first who wants to buy me a new one?
  • Painting with wine, I assume they drink while they paint?
  • Won’t you be my friend Miley? We can send weird emoji’s back and forth and talk about our favorite patent leather accessories! Hands of Love Live on Ellen. fyi this was my favorite, 3rd grade rocked so hard.
  • I do not really talk politics, I might a little with Ory, and that is usually just to learn more. People are so opinionated and I just do not like to add my input because once I do I get sharp looks and side eye. I choose to keep my mouth shut and just listen. I did not grow up really caring about who was to be president, I just didn’t care. Once I was old enough to vote (and realize I cared), I was told I only voted for so and so because it was the cool thing to do, (“how dare you!” — that is me speaking NOW to the person who said that to me then.) I do not know a lot of the terms used when watching the news and debates, but I actually truly care now, and boy is this presidential race interesting. I still do not know who I am voting for, but it all just stresses me out. Nobody talks about the positive qualities in the candidates, all you ever see streamed across social media is bad mouthing and slandering. I feel like it is too much negativity to handle honestly and I feel like I have done something awful if I like something the  “arrogant buffoon” Donald Trump has said or the “old school socialist” Bernie Sanders. All I ever hear is how awful everyone is. You know what, they aren’t awful. They are not all bad people. They all have different perspectives, experiences and have all said unfavorable things, but think about if you were in the limelight and on camera most of the time. Would you be so perfect? Anyways, I just went on a rant about politics, that honestly has never happened. Like most presidential races we are choosing what we believe to be the lesser of two evils. I am nowhere near decided upon who I will be voting for, and honestly if I was I may not say anything because I do not want to see a backlash of hatred. I am not too worried though because I think maybe 4 people read this? 🙂 On that note, I do like some topics Bernie Sanders pushed for in his campaign. I think this one minute video is wonderful and true. Our job is not to divide, our job is to bring people together. Also, sorry for venting and thank you for letting reading.
  • In a totally unrelated, but maybe related note? Who is watching the X-Files revival? I know I am!
  • I cannot believe people’s home’s could truly look like this?
  • Designers unite!
  • Bitches be confident! You are awesome, be awesome! We can all learn from this.
  • Who does meatless Monday? Next time try this? I crave it.

Alrighty, there is what’s been on my mind since Monday. Valentines Day is coming up, got any plans? Ory and I are broke enough for the next few weeks that I hope we just make lovely/silly/gigantic cards for each other, honestly that’s all I ever want. 🙂

Hope your sweet face sees your computer screen and my website tomorrow where we talk about yummy food and other wonderful things!

xoxo – Rachael

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