What’s On My Mind? Wednesday. 2/24/2016.


I have been sick the past couple days, and by that I mean I could feel myself coming down with something bad, sore throat, headache, and weakness. Sometimes you have to tell yourself to literally relax, do nothing and get rest so that you don’t get the full blow of whatever sickness is lingering. So yesterday after doing all my normal morning things, I sat down on the couch with a pot of hot tea, my laptop and the television remote. I put on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and organized my Pinterest. I am not going to tell you how long that lasted, but it was dark outside when I was sort of finished.

Pinterest is one of those wonderful, awful things. We all LOVE it, but it can get a bit messy. I find that every time I get on Pinterest I am just adding new things to all my boards, and never actually going back to look and use my old pins. I then find I have posted the same thing 7 times and on different boards. So frustrating!! I gave myself yesterday to get my Pinterest in check and oh my goodness, it was awesome! It was like de-cluttering and getting rid of so much extra baggage I never needed. It just feels so good now to go and check out my Pinterest boards. I also found a lot of pins I forgot about and am super amped to re-visit and share.

Let’s surf my Pinterest boards!

  • For real though, sugar addiction is a thing! (I am so addicted, and I am going to break the addiction…starting tomorrow.)
  • The nightly routines of 15 successful women.
  • What salad the girls from Friends ate everyday for 10 years called “The Jennifer”, and Jennifer Aniston’s newish favorite salad, which I cannot wait to make.
  • Couples who cook together, stay together. Well they are at least happier and healthier most likely. So turn on the oven baby.
  • I love this so much, using paint chips for wall art.
  • Hello beautiful DIY hanging planters.
  • Oh, I can’t wait to start gardening again. Here is a wonderful cheat sheet for all the things.
  • gah! I forgot all about this awesome website, Joey Deschanel, New Girl and cute clothes fans…click here!
  • If I could, I would live in a black dress and chucks every day.
  • Oh man, these booties are one of my excitable pins that I found from ages ago.
  • This woman’s little kitchen is what I dream about.
  • When I have a child, boy or girl, they are getting a jet pack.
  • Alright warm weather, I am beyond ready for you! I want to make some sorbet.
  • A bunch of cleaning hacks for the obsessive compulsive in allllllll of us. I am going to use like 5 of these tomorrow!
  • I can only imagine.
  • Stop it! Brown paper for the wall, YES PLEASE!
  • I can imagine what this Creamy Lime and Avocado Tart would like on a fork, going into my mouth.
  • You bet your britches I am about to start making my breakfast and lunch in a jar.
  • Homemade Kind Bars.
  • An inspiring workspace for two, or just a bunch of my stuff everywhere.
  • and finally, what excellent boiled potatoes.

Y’all I could have gone on and on and on. I forgot how much awesomeness is available for us all on the internet. I need more Pinterest utilization in my life. I think making a Pinterest goal is a good idea; setting a goal for doing a Pinterest DIY, exercise or ANYTHING once or twice a week. Make all those hours lost in the Pinterest cloud worth something! I’m going to do it. You should do it. OHHHH! Let’s bake all the cakes, knit all the scarfs, sew all the Halloween costumes, and sculpt our eyebrows like we all know we can! Thanks Pinterest.

xoxo – Rachael

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