What’s on my mind? Wednesday. 1/13/2016


I know there are many other blogs that have lists of things from around the interwebs and such, but don’t we all get sucked down the internet black hole far too often? Well I want to share what sucks me in too!

January 13, 2016

  1. How to make your partner happy so you can live happily ever after.
  2. David Bowie: The greatest creative tributes from the art and design world.

  3.  The struggle is really real, potty training a puppy.

  4. I love this so much, let’s do it.

  5.  I just recently found this lovely human and you know what, I don’t have money to spend on really anything, yet I still managed to go throw my money at the cashier at Walgreens because I wanted new lipstick – because this woman said she loved it, and you know what? I LOVED IT TOO! (that’s one heck of a run-on-sentence), your welcome. Get your beauty on with Jackie Aina. Oh and the lipstick makes me feel like a Kardashian – you can hate them all you want, but those girls can rock a nude lip like nobody’s business.

  6. Do you have Spotify? Do you do a lot of work on your computer and need some awesome music to work to? I found the hidden gem. Hip Hop Study Break – If your into that sort of thing.
  7. I just recently got rid of Spotify Premium to save a few bucks, and found there is Amazon Music which I can use with my Prime account and um, it’s like the same thing and Spotify Premium… can I get a Hallelujah!
  8. Did you know? Now I understand why Ory always steered clear of Carrageenan.
  9. I am really really trying to just let go and get rid of so many things. It needs to happen.
  10. Whaat?!
  11. The one show I actually keep up with starts back tonight on Syfy! Face/Off


  1. Kathleen | 15th Jan 16

    So excited about replacing my Spotify premium with Amazon music!

    • Rachael | 16th Jan 16

      Yes! I was super bummed when I had to give up premium, and then my brother told me about Amazon Prime Music and it was like angels singing form above! You can save music and everything!

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